Ways to Boost Your Competitive Exam Preparation with Mock Tests

19-Apr-2022 12+

Ways to Boost Your Competitive Exam Preparation with Mock Tests


Government competitive exams can be a tough nut to crack. Students prepare day and night to clear a government examination in hopes of landing a government job. A government job is a highly respectable job but also very hard to achieve. Government competitive exams consist of a rigorous selection procedure that eliminates unworthy candidates. The competition for government jobs is fierce so you must be prepared to put in extra work.

There are various ways to prepare for a government competitive examination, mock tests are one of the most efficient ways to prepare for it. Solving mock tests regularly creates a habit of solving questions and helps greatly in your preparation. In this article, we will highlight the various ways with which you can boost your competitive exam preparation with the help of mock tests.

Analyze the Mock Tests

Analyzing the mock test is very important. Analyzing will help you figure out your mistakes and correct them. The first thing to do after taking a mock test is to figure out your mistakes and the reason for those mistakes. Figure out the obvious mistakes, skipped questions, and wrong answers. Correct your mistakes and try to do it in the allotted time.

Look for solutions

You should also analyze the solutions for a mock test. A mock test isn't just about important questions, go through the solutions and see where you went wrong and what could you have done differently to get the answer. Analyzing the solutions is important because it will help you figure out the best way to answer the questions.

Examine the right answers

You can examine your correct answers to figure out a shorter method to solve the question. It is crucial that you manage your time effectively during a competitive exam. If you're quick to answer questions you're sure of, you will have plenty of time left for tough and lengthy questions. Time optimization is a beneficial skill that most candidates lack.

Examine the wrong answers

It goes without saying, you should examine the wrong answers and look for mistakes you made. Figure out your mistake, rectify it, and make sure you never make that mistake again. You won't reach your goal if you don't learn from your mistakes.

Solve the unattempted questions

Give special attention to the questions you have left unattempted and note down the topics. Give extra time to those topics and make sure to cover them and revise them thoroughly. Try to answer those questions within the allotted time limit.

Develop a habit of solving mock tests

Make sure you solve mock tests regularly. Solving plenty of mock tests will develop a habit and you will get familiar with the pattern and syllabus of the actual examination. Come up with a strategy for solving mock tests that you can use in the actual examination too. Mock tests will be beneficial for your preparation and will ensure that you don't have any weak spots left in your preparation.


Mock tests will be an integral part of your competitive exam preparation. Developing a habit of solving mock tests will help you greatly. Assess your mock test scores and use them as motivation to prepare for the exam. Getting good scores on mock tests will do wonders for your confidence. If you're looking for great mock tests, Coaching Wale provides mock test series that have important questions curated by our experienced and capable educators.

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