Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for a Competitive Examination

04-Apr-2022 12+

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for a Competitive Examination

Exams are a very stressful time for students. Every student face problems in preparing for their examination. Every student has their own way of dealing with stress and anxiety. Much like how every student prepares at a certain pace for examinations. Many students who are under a lot of stress panic and make a lot of mistakes in their preparation which hinders their results.

It is possible that if the students knew beforehand about the mistakes, they can avoid them. Students can improve their overall score by avoiding some mistakes. In this article, we will discuss various mistakes students make during their exam preparation.

1. Not understanding the concept

Many students in an attempt to cover the syllabus faster fail to understand the concept and start mugging up topics. Mugging up topics is a very unhealthy topic as it doesn't mean that you understand the topic, it merely means that you have memorized it. You can easily forget mugged-up information as your brain doesn't understand the logic and reasoning behind the topic. Your brain will have a hard time retaining information that you have mugged up. Always try to understand the concept of a certain problem, your brain will retain that information.

2. Skipping Revision

Many students make the mistake of skipping revision. Revision is essential to your preparation as there is a good chance that your brain will retain the information that you have revised over and over. You can easily recall revised topics in between your examination and ace the examination easily. Revision can be your key to success if you utilize it properly.

3. Leaving out Mock Tests

Mock Tests prepare you and give you a general idea of the pattern of the examination. Mock Tests also help you evaluate your progress and give you a basic idea of the areas where you need to put in some extra work. Mock Tests are a great way of knowing your weaknesses. Students who skip mock tests fail to work on their weaknesses and harm their preparation.

4. Procrastination

Procrastination is the act of putting off doing something that you should do till another day or time because you do not want to do it.

Procrastination is a student's worst enemy. Students who fail to start their preparation and keep stalling for tomorrow lose a lot of precious time that could have been used to cover a wide range of topics. Even in life, Procrastination will get you nowhere.

5. Misinformation

Misinformation about the syllabus or exam pattern can prove to be disastrous for a student. The first thing you should do after signing up for an examination is to know about the syllabus and pattern of the examination. Students can plan their strategy for preparing for the examination and know where to focus their energies. It can be difficult for you to maintain your timetable if you don't have knowledge about the exam pattern and syllabus.

6. Multi-tasking

Students who think they can multitask while studying are making a grave mistake. Never multitask while you're studying, this will make you lose your focus and won't be able to concentrate properly on your studies. Stay away from distractions and complete a topic before starting a new one.


Preparing for a competitive exam can be an arduous task, try to avoid these mistakes and stay focused on your studies. With proper determination and discipline, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Exams can seem intimidating but with a proper strategy and a little guidance, you can clear your examinations with flying colors. If you want a proper strategy and guidance to crack a competitive exam, try Coaching Wale. It is one of the best e-learning platforms available across the internet.  

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