Importance of Quizzes and Tests in Competitive Examination

16-Apr-2022 12+

Importance of Quizzes and Tests in Competitive Examination

Every competitive exam requires a great deal of preparation to crack. Preparation for a competitive exam can be an arduous task if you don't have a valid strategy. Quizzes are an integral part when preparing for any exam. Quizzes and Mock Tests provide us with the necessary practice and it makes us familiar with the pattern of the examination. In this article, we are going to highlight how quizzes can be essential in a student's academics.

1. Improves retention

Attempting a quiz or mock test after learning a specific subject or topic can help you strengthen your grasp on that subject, it is evident that retrieval of information after learning helps us retain that information longer than usual. Quizzes can help us in improving our retention power

2. Find your weakness

Quizzes let us know the topics or subjects where we lag behind. It can be a great source to identify the gaps in your knowledge and figure out your weakness. You can then give extra time to those areas to strengthen your preparation.

3. Can Learn More

After you've learned, revised, and tested for a specific subject, your brain saves that information and gets ready to absorb more information. You will be prepared for your next class and be able to retain more information and perform significantly better in your academics.

4. Get Familiar with the application of knowledge

Tests are a great way to help students understand how to apply the knowledge they've received. Tests are designed in a way that makes it easier for students to understand the pattern of the actual examination and how to properly attempt it.

5. Get Familiar with the Pattern of the exam

Every exam has a specific pattern that it follows. Appearing for tests before the actual examination will help you in understanding the pattern of the examination. Getting familiar with the pattern of the examination beforehand will be beneficial if you want to crack it. It helps us to come up with an effective strategy to tackle the examination.

6. Motivation

Quizzes and tests can act as motivation for the student to work harder. If you score good marks on your mock test or quizzes, your confidence will soar and it will enable you to work with more determination. Confidence is also a key point in cracking a competitive exam. If you're confident and motivated with proper preparation you can be sure you will crack the exam.

7. Know Your Potential

Students can assess their own potential and have an idea of where they stand by the scores they attain on quizzes and mock tests.

Students can learn their weaknesses and strengths from the result of the tests and plan their strategies accordingly. it is very important to have an idea of your potential to properly articulate a timetable and strategy for the preparation.


Tests and quizzes have a lot of benefits and can help a student greatly while preparing for a competitive exam. The above-mentioned points can make or break an examination. If you're looking for reliable mock tests and quizzes, you should definitely try Coaching Wale's test series and mock tests. The test series provided by Coaching Wale has important questions which are curated by experienced educators and are sure to help you in your preparation.

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