How to Cope after Failing an Exam

21-Apr-2022 12+

How to Cope after Failing an Exam

It is an average day, you're patiently waiting for the results of your exam. You're a little nervous as you're not sure about the result. The results are out and you couldn't make the cut-off, you feel like a failure. Everyone faces failure in their lives, the feeling of impending doom, the feeling that the world is crumbling around you. You put your heart and soul to prepare for it and then you couldn't pass the examination. Failing an exam takes a huge toll on your mental health, but you can't let the fear of failure stop you.

The feeling of failure is a negative emotion that is hard to shake. There's absolutely nothing wrong with feeling sad about failing an exam. The best thing to do after facing failure is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and prepare yourself for the next opportunity. There are plenty of opportunities in life and failing in one doesn't make you a failure. In this article, we will elaborate on how to cope with the feeling of failure


Accept your emotions

Never discard negative emotions. Failure always comes coupled with anger, anxiety, and embarrassment. Feeling these emotions after failing is perfectly natural, people who get overwhelmed by negative emotions develop depression over time. Instead, you should use these negative emotions as motivation and fuel to move forward. Failure teaches you a lot, don't let these teachings go to waste. Motivate yourself to work hard and achieve success next time.

Acknowledge your mistakes

Never make excuses for failure. People who make excuses after failing never amount to anything. Failure is the best teacher in the world. Acknowledge the mistakes you made and work hard to rectify those mistakes. It is perfectly alright to feel hurt and sad, but never let those emotions control you. There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you in the future. Learn from your mistakes so you can seize the next opportunity life presents you.

Share your pain

Everyone has different coping mechanisms, some people dive into drugs and alcohol to dull their pain. This is very unhealthy as it will only make you feel worse. Try to practice healthy coping mechanisms, talk to your friends and family, and take a walk if you're feeling stressed out, meditation is proven to be a guaranteed mood enhancer. Sharing your pain with people you're comfortable around will help you deal with the failure and make you feel much better

Move On

It's okay to feel what you're feeling but you can't dwell on that feeling forever. Accept that you have failed and learned from your mistakes. The next step is to move on and explore the plenty of opportunities life has to offer you. Figure out what you did wrong and make a plan for when the next opportunity strikes your door. Success is guaranteed if you learn from your mistakes and are determined to achieve something.

Explore the next opportunities

After you've picked yourself up and are ready to move forward, explore the opportunities that you think are right for you. Apply what you've learned from your previous mistakes and make sure to seize the next opportunity life has to offer you.


If you've failed your exam and are feeling depressed or anxious, just take a deep breath and assure yourself that failure is natural and it is normal to feel tense. The best thing to do is accept your mistakes, share your pain and learn from your mistakes. It is essential that you deal with your problems in the right way so it doesn't have a permanent effect on your mental health. If you want to ensure your success in clearing a competitive exam you should definitely try Coaching Wale. Coaching Wale's educators will guide you in the right direction and motivate you so that your success is ensured.

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