How to Prepare for VDO Exam in a Strategic Manner

18-Apr-2022 12+

How to Prepare for VDO Exam in a Strategic Manner

Preparing for any competitive exam is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of efforts to clear the competitive exam you are preparing. Just like any other competitive exam, the exam for Village Development Officer is also very hard to crack. Because of the large number of applications and less number of seats it gets real competitive to crack. Candidates lose the seat by just a single mark and you should prepare in a way that it must not happen to you.

The VDO exam is supposed to take place in the month of July giving you a stretch of less than 3 months to prepare. In this article, we will shed light upon the ways that must be followed by you in order to attempt the exam in an anxious free manner so that you can score good and reserve your spot in the results.

Make a list of the topics

Understanding the syllabus is the first and foremost thing before you start preparing for a competitive exam. When you know the syllabus in and out, you tend to understand what is more important topic. From where the most question appears in the exam, what topic makes you vulnerable and what topics are your strong zones. Make a list of sub topics and put out the topics for revision after you complete a certain topic.

Make a time table

If you have just started preparing for your VDO Mains exam, you do not have a lot of time to prepare for the exam. In this situation, it is best that you make a time table and strictly follow it. Making a time table is very crucial as it helps you to focus on your studies. You do not get distracted while studying as all your other tasks are sorted because of the time table and your study time is just meant for studying and nothing else.

Solve Mock Tests

Solving test series is another things that you should do on a weekly basis. You are not left with enough time and you must increase your pace by solving as many test series as you can. Fortunately, Coaching Wale offers Test Series for VDO exam at a very pocket-friendly price that you can easily afford. You can buy the best test series from the official website and the app of Coaching Wale, it will help you a lot in your preparation.

Give importance to your health

Most of the students neglect their health while preparing for a competitive exam, and that is one of the biggest mistakes that they commit. Students do not understand that if they fall sick, the very first that is going to get affected is their studies. If you fall sick, you cannot focus on your studies because you will not be in the condition to study.


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