How to Solve Algebraic Equations Easily for Competitive Exams?

14-Apr-2022 12+

How to Solve Algebraic Equations Easily for Competitive Exams?

Indeed, mathematics is not an easy subject to master, and there are certain aspects that are very hard to master. Fortunately, there are always certain tips and tricks that make the tough subject a little bit easier to master. Algebra is one of the toughest topics in mathematics and you need to carefully solve that because you make one mistake and you end up losing a mark for the question, as one small mistake results in the wrong answer.

So, what can you do to master solving algebraic equations? Well, there are many ways to master algebraic equations easily and you will be learning about those steps in this blog. But make sure to follow these steps carefully because you will not get better results if you skip these steps.

Make sure you know the concepts in and out

Before learning how to solve the equations easily, you must know each and every concept of algebra in and out. You must know the role of integers, and how to shift numbers from LHS to RHS. If you lag in understanding the concepts of Algebra, you can never master it. Hence, make sure that you have understood all the concepts of Algebra.

Learn all the formulae

Knowing all the formulae is very good if you are preparing yourself to master the subject. And learning formulae comes in handy, you will never regret learning all the formulae. Therefore, once you are done learning all the concepts and formulae, you must go to the third step, which is practice.


As we all know practice makes a man perfect, it indeed is a true statement. The more you practice all the concepts you have understood, then you eventually get better at it. You might forget the formulae or the concept if you do not practice them, but if you practice the things that you have understood on a daily basis, you will never forget them.

Now that you are done with the three major steps, understanding, learning, and practicing, you already are halfway to mastering Algebraic equations. Now all you have to do is learn the tricks that are required to master the Algebraic equations. Below in this article are mentioned a few tricks that will hone your algebraic knowledge.

Learn all the tables

This is a very simple task yet it helps a lot when you are sitting in your competitive exam and trying to solve an algebraic equation. Learning a table is very essential as most of the time when a student makes a mistake, it is because of a calculation mistake. It is very obvious when you know the concept and the formulae, you cannot make a mistake in that part. Now all that is left is the calculation, often students take a lot of time in completing an answer because they are weak in the calculations and they do not know the tables of numbers. Therefore, you must learn all the tables as soon as possible.

Learning the tables help you in many ways, not only do you get fast in your calculations you also do not make mistakes. Apart from learning tables, you can learn squares and cubes.

Learning squares of numbers ranging from 1 to 30 makes you a lot better at calculations, and the same goes with cubes. You must learn squares and cubes of numbers ranging from 1 to 30.


If you want to excel at your next competitive exam, you must follow the steps given above. Also, join the best online learning institute like Coaching Wale in order to learn more skills to get successful at competitive exams.

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